Sunday, August 30, 2020

Week 3 Aug 31 - Sep 4

Monday Aug 31

Today we started Unit 2, Native American Cultures and European Exploration.  Today we focused on Native American Cultures by doing research on 4 Native American Groups: Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, & Mississippian.  Students filled in a graphic organizer on each group.  

There will be a Unit 2 Quiz Friday Sep 4th.  

Homework: Complete today's chart if not completed in class.   

Tuesday Sep 1

Today we studied European Exploration.  Students took notes on a guided note sheet to this lesson: European Exploration.  We also recorded facts from a video about Hernando DeSoto's Exploration.

Here is yesterday's graphic organizer with the correct answers filled in.  

Homework: None

Wednesday Sep 2

Students completed and submitted an assignment via TEAMS.  Students researched and summarized different aspects of de Soto's life and accomplishments. 

Homework: Newspaper assignment. Students had the opportunity to get started early.  This is due at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Thursday Sep 3

Students worked on an assignment via TEAMS again today.  Students typed 2 paragraphs to persuade me that Hernando deSoto was a villain or a hero.  

I have 2 quizlets to help with the quiz tomorrow: European Exploration - Prehistoric Native Americans

Homework: Continue studying for the quiz tomorrow.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Week 2 Aug 24 - Aug 28

Monday Aug 24

Today we discussed the characteristics and economic contributions of the 5 regions.  Students took notes on a guided note sheet to the following lesson: Geography of GA.

Homework: Continue studying for the unit test Friday Aug 28.

Tuesday Aug 25

After the warm up, students were introduced to a GA Region performance task.  We used class time today for research and to allow for questions.  Students will also have class time tomorrow to continue working on the booklet.

Homework: Continue studying for the unit test Friday Aug 28.

Wednesday Aug 26

Students were allowed most of the class period to work on their booklet.  Here is a Quizlet that will help with the test on Friday. This study guide may be beneficial as well. 

Homework: Continue working on booklet.  Continue studying for the test on Friday, August 28.

Thursday Aug 27

We spent most of the period reviewing for the test tomorrow.  Here is a link to play the review Kahoot! at home.

Homework: Continue studying for the test, complete the booklet, warm ups are due.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Week 1 Aug 17 - Aug 21

Monday Aug 17

Today we talked about crazy laws that exist in the State if Georgia.  Afterwards, I distributed and we discussed the syllabus for Ga Studies.  Students have a portion that needs to be signed and returned to me. 

Homework: None

Tuesday Aug 18

Today we reviewed the connecting themes of social studies.  Students recorded notes into their notebook.  We will use these notes tomorrow as students create a product that will demonstrate their knowledge of these themes.  

Students start most classes with a warm up.  To receive full credit on warm ups, students must record the date, learning target, prompt and their answer to the prompt.  Students will keep warm ups together on one sheet of paper and turn in when asked for.  Warm ups count as a daily grade.  

Homework: None

Wednesday Aug 19

Today students chose how to express the themes with a variety of options.  

Homework: None - 

If you have locker money or any papers that need signing and returning please do so ASAP.  

Thursday Aug 20

Students logged into TEAMS and completed an Intro to GA Geography assignment.  If your student was absent, he/she is encouraged to log in and complete the assignment.

Homework: None

Friday August 21

Today we began our study of the regions and physical features of Georgia.  Students filled in a state map of Georgia note sheet.  

The Geography Assessment is scheduled for Friday Aug 28

Homework: Begin studying for test Friday Aug 28