Monday, August 24, 2020

Week 2 Aug 24 - Aug 28

Monday Aug 24

Today we discussed the characteristics and economic contributions of the 5 regions.  Students took notes on a guided note sheet to the following lesson: Geography of GA.

Homework: Continue studying for the unit test Friday Aug 28.

Tuesday Aug 25

After the warm up, students were introduced to a GA Region performance task.  We used class time today for research and to allow for questions.  Students will also have class time tomorrow to continue working on the booklet.

Homework: Continue studying for the unit test Friday Aug 28.

Wednesday Aug 26

Students were allowed most of the class period to work on their booklet.  Here is a Quizlet that will help with the test on Friday. This study guide may be beneficial as well. 

Homework: Continue working on booklet.  Continue studying for the test on Friday, August 28.

Thursday Aug 27

We spent most of the period reviewing for the test tomorrow.  Here is a link to play the review Kahoot! at home.

Homework: Continue studying for the test, complete the booklet, warm ups are due.


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