Sunday, August 30, 2020

Week 3 Aug 31 - Sep 4

Monday Aug 31

Today we started Unit 2, Native American Cultures and European Exploration.  Today we focused on Native American Cultures by doing research on 4 Native American Groups: Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, & Mississippian.  Students filled in a graphic organizer on each group.  

There will be a Unit 2 Quiz Friday Sep 4th.  

Homework: Complete today's chart if not completed in class.   

Tuesday Sep 1

Today we studied European Exploration.  Students took notes on a guided note sheet to this lesson: European Exploration.  We also recorded facts from a video about Hernando DeSoto's Exploration.

Here is yesterday's graphic organizer with the correct answers filled in.  

Homework: None

Wednesday Sep 2

Students completed and submitted an assignment via TEAMS.  Students researched and summarized different aspects of de Soto's life and accomplishments. 

Homework: Newspaper assignment. Students had the opportunity to get started early.  This is due at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Thursday Sep 3

Students worked on an assignment via TEAMS again today.  Students typed 2 paragraphs to persuade me that Hernando deSoto was a villain or a hero.  

I have 2 quizlets to help with the quiz tomorrow: European Exploration - Prehistoric Native Americans

Homework: Continue studying for the quiz tomorrow.

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