Monday, September 14, 2020

Week 5 Sep 14 - Sep 18

Monday Sep 14

Today we started a new unit, Colonization of Georgia. The assessment will be on Friday Sep 25th.  Due to MAP testing, class periods are shorter than normal.  Students recorded notes onto a guided note sheet to this lesson: Creating a Settlement 1.  

Homework: None.  Get a good night's rest and a great breakfast in preparation for the last day of MAP tests tomorrow.  

Tuesday Sep 15

Today we completed the Colonial Georgia notes with a lesson on Mary Musgrove and Tomochichi.  

Homework: None

Wed Sep 16

After today's warm up, the assignment was to create three diary entries as if the student was living in Colonial Georgia.  

Homework: None

Thur Sep 17

Today was the end of "Trustee Georgia"  Students took notes on a guided note sheet about different groups who settled Georgia.  

Homework: Begin studying for the unit test next Friday.  

Friday Sep 18

After today's warm up, student logged into TEAMS and completed a web quest about the 

'War of Jenkins Ear'

Quizlet for next Friday's Test.  Another study guide for next Friday's test.

Homework: Begin studying for the unit test next Friday. 

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