Monday, October 5, 2020

Week 8 Oct 5 - Oct 8

Monday Oct 5

Today students worked in TEAMS and Class notebook.  Students researched the American Revolution in GA and the Articles of Confederation.  

Here are Quizlets that may help you with your test Thursday.  

Homework: Complete the TEAMS assignment if not completed in class.  Work on DAR a little so it won't be so overwhelming in class.  

Tuesday Oct 6

After today's warm up, students executed a 'break out' activity where they solved clues and enriched their knowledge of the American Revolution.  

Use this Quizizz to help study.  

Homework: Study for the test Thursday.  Work on DAR a little each day.  

Wednesday Oct 7

We spent most of the class reviewing for the test using online review platforms.  Towards the end of class, students finalized the cover page for their DAR essay and continued writing.  Warm ups are due tomorrow. 

Here is a key for the research Monday.

Homework: Study for the test tomorrow.  Work on DAR a little each day.  

Thursday Oct 8

Test day.


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