Thursday, November 5, 2020

Week 11 Nov 2 - Nov 6

Mon Nov 2

Today we learned about the removal of the Cherokee from Ga. First, we started with a reading and timeline activity about Creek removal. Next, students had part one of a lesson on the removal of the Cherokee. Students recorded notes on a guided note sheet
Homework: None Study for the test Friday Nov 6
Tues Nov 3
Today we resumed our lesson on removal of the Cherokee. Afterwards, students completed an interactive notebook activity about the key people and key events of Indian Removal from Georgia. 
Homework: None  Study for the test Friday Nov 6

Wed Nov 4
Today we analyzed poetry about the removal of the Indians from the southeast. If students didn't complete their poetry assignment (Haiku) in class, it should be completed for homework. 
Homework: Complete Haiku if not completed in class. Study for the test Friday Nov 6

Thur Oct 5

Today students shared their Haikus.  Afterwards we reviewed the quiz from last Friday.  We spent the remainder of class reviewing for the test using various online formats.  I am including the links for each review.




Homework: Study for the test Friday Nov 6

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