Monday, November 9, 2020

Week 12 Nov 9 - Nov 13

Monday Nov 9

Today we started a new unit of study.  We are learning about the events leading up to the Civil War.  After a journal entry warm up, students recorded notes and answered questions while watching a video about slavery and the Civil War.  Here is the KEY.  Lastly, we read about 2 abolitionists.  Students created a Venn diagram comparing/contrasting them.

The unit test is set for Friday Dec 4th.

Homework: Complete the Venn diagram if not completed in class.  

Tuesday Nov 10

After the warm up, students executed a "Scavenger Hunt" of the Compromise of 1850.  Students filled in an advanced organizer with information found on their TEAMS page.  

Homework: Complete the scavenger hunt if not completed in class.   

Wednesday Nov 11

All classes had a mini lesson on Dred Scott followed by a reading comprehension.  2nd - 4th periods had a reading comprehension activity about Nullification and States Rights

Homework: complete all questions from class if not completed in class

Thursday Nov 12

1st period - students utilized TEAMS to create a mini-project.  2nd thru 4th periods - students put Irene Emerson on trial for false imprisonment of Dred Scott.  This mock court case is based on the real court case of Dred Scott, a former slave suing for freedom.

Homework - 1st period - finish the mini-project if not completed in class.  

Friday Nov 13

1st period students performed the mock trial of Irene Emerson.  2nd - 4th period students learned about the importance of the Election of 1860. After the warm up, students completed a reading comprehension activity.  Afterwards, students wrote 2 newspaper articles about the election.  

Homework: complete the newspaper activity if not completed in class. 

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