Monday, January 25, 2021

Week 19 Jan 25 - Jan 29


Monday Jan 25th

Students completed a Henry McNeal Turner research assignment in TEAMS.  Upon completion, students continued studying for the Reconstruction exam via Quizizz/Quizlet.

Homework: Study for the unit test tomorrow, Jan 26 

Tuesday Jan 26th

Test day.  Warm ups for this unit due.

Homework: None

Wednesday Jan 27

Today we started a new unit, The New South.  Students interpreted an image for the warm up and then recorded important facts about the opposing political partied of the time period.  

Homework: None

Thursday Jan 28

We continued our study of the New South with a lesson on Henry Grady and the International Cotton Expositions.  

Homework: None

Friday Jan 29

Today students worked in TEAMS.  Students completed a research activity and introduced themselves to Jim Crow in the South.  

Homework: Complete and 'turn in' the Jim Crow assignment if not completed in class.  

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Week 18 Jan 19 - Jan 22


 Tuesday Jan 19

Today's lesson was all about MLK Jr, his many accomplishments, and his impact on America.  

Homework: Continue studying for the quiz tomorrow Jan 20 (fill in the blank/short answer)

Wednesday Jan 20

After the quiz today, we learned about Henry McNeal Turner and the election, and subsequent removal, of black legislators in Georgia.  Students took notes on a guided note sheet.

Homework: None

Thursday Jan 21

We learned about tenant farming and sharecropping today.  Students took notes on a guided note sheet.  Afterwards, students participated in a sharecropping simulation.  

Homework: None

Friday Jan 22

After today's warm up, students completed a comprehension check of the materials we have learned over this lesson.  Afterwards, we viewed a video on sharecropping and had debate/discussion.

Study material for the unit test Tuesday Jan 26:

 Quizizz 1 (GREAT Resource)


Homework: Study for the unit test

Monday, January 11, 2021

Week 17 Jan 11 - Jan 15

Monday Jan 11

Students completed a study guide about the Civil War Amendments using TEAMS today.  Here is a copy of the information about the Civil War Amendments.  

Homework: Complete the study guide if not completed in class.   

Tuesday Jan 12

Today we compared the different Reconstruction Plans.  Students filled in an advanced organizer and recorded facts from a video.  

Homework: None 

Wednesday Jan 13

Using information from yesterday's lesson on the different Reconstruction plans, students created their own Reconstruction plan.  

Homework: Complete the Reconstruction assignment if not completed in class.

Thursday Jan 14

Today we learned about the Freedman's Bureau and the Ku Klux Klan.  Students recorded notes on a guided note sheet.  After the lesson, students completed a Freedman's Bureau reading comprehension.  

There will be a quiz on Wednesday Jan 20th (fill in the blank/short answer).

Homework: Civil War Amendments questions.  Due at the beginning of class tomorrow.